Eden Christian Hostel (ECH) provides tertiary accommodation in Auckland and is run by a charitable Trust, Eden Christian Trust (CC35371). ECH has provided tertiary accommodation since 1967 and has been operated by the Trust since since the late 1940’s.

ECH is Located at the base of Mount Eden, and consists of three adjoining properties, a single storey villa, No.7, a double storey house, No.9 and three converted 1970’s flats, No.9A. ECH caters for up to 39 students.

At the rear of the ground floor of No.9 is a large lounge and dining area and communal kitchen where students can relax, eat, and study.  There is a covered deck for outdoor living.

A volleyball court and the spacious backyard are welcome areas to relax in after Uni.

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Our history

The story of the Eden Christian Hostel began with Abram Gardner Compton.  Abe Compton was a man of faith and of vision. He married Dorothy in 1934 and they committed their lives to the service of others.

Abe received a legacy from his uncle Robert′s estate and purchased a property at 96 Esplanade Road, now the Eden Christian Hostel at 9 Lovelock Ave, Mt Eden, for the ministry of caring for missionaries.

The single storied house (commonly called the “Missionary Home”) was enlarged with the addition of another storey which gave approximately 12 bedrooms. Later three missionary flats were added to the property. Abe and Dorothy gifted the property to the Assembly Missionary Home Trust, which still continues today under the name Eden Christian Trust.

Over time with improved transportation and communication, the need for a central base for missionaries was not as necessary.  So in 1958 Abe and Dorothy were able to utilise the house of No 9 as a venue for newly established NZ Assembly Bible School until 1964, when the school moved to Kelston.

Abe and Dorothy saw the young people coming to Auckland for study and their need for a safe Christian home, so with Abe′s vision and Dorothy’s organisational skills, they commenced the hard work bringing the idea of a Hostel to fruition.

Abe often used go to the top of Mount Eden and observed a small stone tribute to those who surveyed early Auckland. On one side it says “Prudens Futuri” and on the other side “For their works continueth great beyond their knowing”. Today that is true of Abe and Dorothy’s work in forming and developing Eden Christian Trust and its Hostel in Mount Eden.

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me.”  – Erma Bombeck


“passionfruit and white choc scones were out of this world.”


“Great food, awesome people, and that one time I nearly ran over the manager’s dog weren’t the only surprises at ECH! The open kitchen during the day and spacious lawn sealed the deal for me.”


“What awesome memories this place brings back. I was 19 (over 20 years ago) when I arrived in Auckland for the first time and this is the place I stayed at. Made some fantastic friends there, mind you it was only a girls hostel at the time. But we had some wonderful times here and glad the place is still going.”


“Eden Christian Hostel (ECH) is amazing — so many fun activities and occasions throughout the year and the best people. I have made such amazing friends and memories at ECH, and I don’t think I would have survived my first year of uni without it. ECH provided me with everything I needed. A home full of people, love, and God. A community of support and an atmosphere of fun, positivity, and encouragement. ECH was a huge blessing.”


“Fantastic, Phenomenal, Amazing. The hostel has made the transition to the big city so much easier, not only is it a homely, friendly and caring place to study but an epic place to gain closer relationship with God.”