Marcus and Beth Stewart are managers at ECH and along with their 3 daughters they live onsite. Marcus is a Kiwi and Beth is from England. Marcus and Beth have a passion for students and looking after their well being; spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Beth loves baking and helping people to feel ‘at home’ and in her ‘down’ time likes to watch home renovation programmes. Marcus was a Missionary kid growing up and loves engaging with other cultures, watching sport and getting stuck into a good book.

Residential Assistants (RAs)

The RAs are returning senior students who assist the Managers and look after the students in the evenings. They can help students settle in and are a listening ear when required.

The RA ratio at Eden Christian Hostel is 1 RA to a maximum of 9 hostellers

Cleaning at the hostel

Hostellers participate in assisting with keeping the hostel clean, rostered on kitchen duties and helping with cleaning common spaces. A commercial cleaner is employed to keep the bathrooms and toilets clean. Contract staff are engaged to keep the Hostel in good condition.


The hostel comes alive each year when the new group of students move in. Those with a positive attitude, willing to contribute to community life, get the most out of living at ECH.

Eden Christian Trust

The Trust oversees and governs the Hostel. They offer their time and expertise to guide the Hostel, provide governance, and guide in financial matters. They work together with the Managers and RAs to create a positive living environment spiritually, socially and academically for students.

The current Trustees are John Gill (Chair), Mel Palmer (Vice Chair), Rodger Yeoman (Secretary), Stephanie Cook (Finance), Paul Craddock, Steve Hooper and Pauliasi Valili.

Eden Christian Trust Board