ECH offers accommodation with meals at reasonable cost. Our fee covers your accommodation, all food for your meals, unlimited wireless internet usage, water and power, and use of all the facilities. The Hostel is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on donations and gifts for upgrades, hence we don’t offer 5-star hotel facilities.

The fees for 2025:

Single Room $430.00 per week
Shared Room $390.00 per week

The tenancy is for a 38 week period (the university academic year), from mid-February to mid-November. A notice period is required for students withdrawing from the hostel before the end of the 38 week contract. *(T&Cs apply)

Board is to be paid at least one week in advance to the Hostel Bank Account.

Bond and Activity Fees:

The Bond is $850.00 and is payable on acceptance into the Hostel. An additional $350 activity fee is to be paid along with the bond. This activity fee includes the ECH ball, an ECH hoodie, a special events fee, and a communal end of year cleaning fee.

The Bond and Activity fees will be refunded if the student withdraws before mid-January, i.e. just after the NCEA Level 3 results come out, and because the student has not been accepted into their chosen course due to their NCEA results.

From mid-January, and anytime during the academic year, if the student withdraws from the Hostel, there will be a cancellation fee equivalent to the bond.

Usually, the bond is refunded at the end of the academic year, less any deductions for damage or unpaid debts to the hostel. Donations of bonds back to the Hostel are gratefully accepted.


Students need to insure their personal belongings e.g. computers, musical instruments, phones and other valuable items. The Hostel insurance policy will not cover the loss of students personal items.

Additional Expenses:

Students should budget for additional expenses such as transport, entertainment, luxury food items, medical expenses, clothing and footwear, phone costs, and trips home.